Looking for the best locksmith training in the country?

Well consider yourself lucky as you’ve happened to land in the right spot! We have been the leading provider of locksmith training for over 20 years. We provide our own locksmith services for emergency call outs, lock repairs and replacements. And our UK renowned locksmith courses that people fly in from from all over the county.

We Are a 5 Star Provider!

There is no ones else that has been established as long as we have in the UK. Oh head trainer is ex-SAS with 22 years in the army (22 SAS regiment) and very highly experience military instructor. We have trained more locksmiths who have gone on to rush successful locksmith businesses that and other locksmith training company.

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Just remember that our training is about quality and small class vs most companies that are more like factories trying to make as much money as possible.

Our most popular courses:

Weekend UPVC Course

7 Day Locksmith Course

Level 3 Locksmithing Course

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When I made the choice that I was going to become a locksmith I searched out the best I could find. What attracted me to A1 was that they had a reputation for excellence. In my research I didn’t find anyone that had so many stories of individuals going on to run successful locksmith companies. That’s what sold me. Once I took the course A1 delivered in a big way. In fact they over delivered! No three years later I’m running a highly successful locksmiths Bournemouth company and because of the quality work quality that I provide, that was learn in the course, I have more business I can even keep up with.

Phil, Abacus Locksmiths.

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Looking for a Locksmith?

The best option to find a certified locksmith in the UK is to go through the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) or the UK Locksmiths Association (UKMLA).