2 Day Lock Picking Course

We have introduced a 2 Day Lock Picking Course. We have recognised that there is a need for a training course that is required by people that need to open locks in the course of their daily work. So we have tailor made a 2 day course, workshop based In Hereford. This course is designed for that purpose.

We are not restricting this course to locksmiths you could be from any organisation, profession or individual that requires this skill.

We can guarantee upon completion of this training you will be confident enough to open the majority of locks in use today including pin tumbler, disc and lever locks including British Standard.

What Does The Course Cover?

Full set of training notes.

Centre certificate.

Two nights B&B accommodation.

Lock pick tool kit.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

Cost: £670.00 per person (no VAT).

Deposit: £200.00 is required to secure a place on the course. The balance is to be paid on commencement of the course.

Includes two nights free B&B and a set of lock pick tools.