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Enhanced Learning Credits

A1 Safe & Secure are MOD Approved in support of the ELC scheme. To qualify for ELCs you must have the following:

You must be a registered ELC scheme member.

To claim a low – threshold ELC you must have completed more than four years eligible service since your scheme entry date (the later of 1st April 2000 or your enlistment).

The learner provider selected must be ELC approved.

Your claim form must be signed by you, then by your line manager and lastly, by an authorised education officer.

You may claim only up to 80 percent of the total course value or up to the maximum claim value (£1,000 for low – threshold claims).

You may only make one claim in any financial year.

The learner activity must lead to a nationally recognised qualification at Level 3 or above.

More Information

For any further information about Enhanced Learning Credits contact:

Your education section.

Visit the ELCAS website.

Visit the Career Transition Partnership website.